Body art


“PaintedAlive is the first gallery in the world dedicated exclusively to fine art Bodypainted images. It is through the gallery that thousands of people have had the unique opportunity to be introduced to this most alluring, ancient and contemporary art form.”  Click on the following link for an amazing “making of..” Craig Tracy’s tiger piece:


“Alexa Meade thinks completely backwards. Most artists use acrylic paints to create portraits of people on canvas. But not Meade – she applies acrylic paints on her subjects and makes them appear to be a part of the painting!” – Alice’s Blog,


“Her first ever wallpaper camouflage took 19 hours straight to paint with more recent works taking anywhere from 8 – 14 hours, depending on the complexity of the design. It is an exhausting process for artist and subject alike; however the results are nothing short of spectacular.”

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