Banksy, my daughter and San Francisco = ART

My daughter, Anna, lives in San Francisco now- surrounded by extraordinary street art!   In fact, I highly recommend the book STREET ART SAN FRANCISCO- Mission Muralismo.  “Street Art San Francisco: Mission Muralismo captures the essence of San Francisco: community, diversity, color, expression. It’s a city that belongs to its artists, and this book feels that way too.”

She took a walking trip around the city today and recorded some real treasures created by British Street Artist BANKSY.  She shared the following photos- ENJOY!

Painted over 🙁

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The works of famous English street artist “Banksy” are showing up around the Bay Area, and some are calling in vandalism. Others are going to great lengths to preserve the work.

Banksy is not well known in the Bay Area, but his work has sold for six figures in Britain. Under cover of night, the popular artist has made his mark in several San Francisco locations. The city was getting ready to paint over some of his work, until someone realized who he was.

“The city does promote art and…anybody doing it legitimately, it should be allowed to stay,” said DPW Deputy Director Muhammed Nuru.

The San Francisco pieces were designed as a publicity stunt to promote his movie, “Exit Through the Back Door.”  [actually called EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP– for trailer go to ]

In his video report, Rick Villaroman goes looking for the works, and sees what steps are being taken to preserve them.

Here is a list of “suspected” works of art by world renowned street artist Banksy in San Francisco:

• 853 Valencia St. between 20th and Cunningham: a boy with the writing “This will look nice when it’s framed.” (Has been painted over.)

• 672 Haight Street between Belvedere & Cole: a rat with “This is where I draw the line.”

• 720 Grant Ave between Commercial & Sacramento: a doctor with a peace sign and a heart.

• On Cafe Prague at 2140 Mission Street at Sycamore Street: A Native American holding a “No Trespassing” sign. (Was repainted to reflect Frank Chu, the Bay Area man known as “Galaxy Man” and is now difficult to see under more paint.)

• Erie & Mission Street above the parking lot: a bird singing in a tree.

• 1309 Howard Street at 9th: a rat with skull and crossbones.

• North Beach: a figure wearing a gas mask with “If at first you don’t succeed – call an airstrike.”

• Alcatraz Ferry at Fishermans Wharf – a rat with a shovel. (Has been painted over.)

• On Alcatraz: another rat with a shovel.

• Location unknown: a rat with ZipCars sign.

• 9th Street & Howard: a rat with a Muni sign.

• Fern Alley: a rat with the Anarchy sign.


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