SKin is IN!

I had a great time last night at Gallery Gachet!  Here are some samplings of my watercolor tattooing and other highlights from the night!

Artist’s Statement:

So how does a body art event tie into mental health? I would like to think that being comfortable in one’s Skin is a mental health concern and the only difference is how we are able to talk about it. It shouldn’t matter whether you feel have a perfect body or not. Perfection is not reality, and cannot be defined. As Artists offering live painting at SKin is IN, we hope that as everyone gets painted are able to make a statement about the beauty of the human body and can find a way live with their own as it is. However, it does not relieve us from doing the best to take care of ourselves, but it does give us permission to accept where we are. At the event, for those that choose, statements will be recorded into a journal and posted as part of the celebration of the human skin.

There are many people everyday who have mental disorders, (anorexia, bulemia, body dismorphic disorder) which are primarily focused on the internal and public view of the body. Some people live affected in the emotions relating to achieving perfection and some who cannot cope, end up losing their battles to their own demons.

We all have the responsibility to love our bodies as they are and the compassion to value those bodies around us. We are all built the same, we all have skin and we all have potential to thrive individually and collectively in our layers of skin.

Skin is IN, yet, the fabric that we are truly made of is what matters and counts the most. Celebrate yourself with us.

Monika Blichar and J Peachy

Jocelyn Louise allowed me free reign!
Jay Fisher bravely let me go overboard!

Thank Maryellen and Miko for this beautiful piece!

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