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ART THERAPY: Exploring the arts as a catalyst for healing & therapy. Inspiring others to create

The Art Therapy site is meant to explore the arts as a catalyst for healing and therapy. But, it’s also designed to showcase art, artists, and anything creative – hopefully inspiring others to explore and create for themselves. This site is by no means meant to be a substitute for professional art therapy. If you feel you need professional help, please seek out the appropriate therapy or help you need.


UPDATE: September 6, 2010- it as been brought to my attention that the author of this site does not source their contents correctly (see comments).

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  1. Okay, you recommend a blog written by someone that keeps his/her identity a secret? Who writes — or actually copies articles to that “blog” and paraphrases others work? Really, you endorse that? You might want to think before you endorse this kind of stuff.

    1. Doubt you will publish my response– you know I am correct.

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