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ART THERAPY: Exploring the arts as a catalyst for healing & therapy. Inspiring others to create

The Art Therapy site is meant to explore the arts as a catalyst for healing and therapy. But, it’s also designed to showcase art, artists, and anything creative – hopefully inspiring others to explore and create for themselves. This site is by no means meant to be a substitute for professional art therapy. If you feel you need professional help, please seek out the appropriate therapy or help you need.


UPDATE: September 6, 2010- it as been brought to my attention that the author of this site does not source their contents correctly (see comments).


  • Okay, you recommend a blog written by someone that keeps his/her identity a secret? Who writes — or actually copies articles to that “blog” and paraphrases others work? Really, you endorse that? You might want to think before you endorse this kind of stuff.

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