Introducing the work of Salma Shami- a study of light, color, texture, design. (Thanks for the intro, @DATopTalent)

I was delighted to meet Salma Shami on Sunday afternoon as I visited her lovely solo exhibit at the unassuming little studio/gallery space: Patricia Minnis Studio, 2075 Alberta Street, Vancouver BC.   Her show runs until May 13, 1-7 PM daily.   You can find the space at the corner of 5th and Alberta, and yes- it’s THAT little building.  One could never guess what it contains!

I was struck with Salma’s expert play with light in her florals and her bold exploration of color and texture in her other work.  Her background as photographer and designer come through in her paintings.

… I seek balance, harmony and beauty.  It is an attitude, a viewpoint of life that has many diverging expressions, from very personal preservations of beauty on canvas, to commissioned paintings, to helping clients realize their visions through interior design.

Notably, I have never felt the need to be restricted to any one type of creative expression.  Flowers frequently are the subjects of my paintings.  Yet so are energetic abstracts using entirely different techniques…

excerpt from Salma Shami’s Artist Statement


Thanks for the lovely visit, Salma!

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