Tattooing- taking it seriously. #sanitation #disposables #bloodbornediseases

Recall the purchase of a tattoo machine and getting to know the machine.

Now it’s about getting my chops back up on sanitation etc.

It’s all about learning about autoclaves and disposable parts etc.

It is possible to do a 100% disposable tattoo.  You can use single use needles and bars.  Throw away the grommet that is attached to the bar.  Use single use pigments or “shots”… The tubes and the tips… are also available in plastic disposable flavors.  The caps that the ink goes in on the work station are also disposable. – Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo

Once I’ve successfully done 4 tattoos on myself- that have healed well and up to standard, I’ll move on to my lineup of people waiting for a tattoo!

Recalling my sock monkey tattoo.  Digging through my files, I found the original sketch I made:

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