An amazing evening participating in @publicdreams interactive art at @VanAFL 18th annual auction!

A huge thank you to Azfir, the fabulous creative director of Public Dreams, for a wonderful interactive experience painting live on a canvas dress with the audience at Vancouver Art For Life 18th annual art auction last night!

Public Dreams promotes community participation in the arts by providing interactive and accessible public art programming.  They produce events, rituals, and traditions that promote healthy and vibrant neighbourhoods.

They strive to:

  • Create artistically innovative, culturally inclusive and environmentally sensitive productions.
  • Encourage creative collaborations and build fellowship amongst diverse communities.
  • Foster the fertile ground necessary to create and enhance community vitality.
  • Provide economic opportunities for local artists, communities, and businesses.
The performance began with a bloodcurdling scream and a spotlight follows a woman drained of her color [a metaphor for the impact of receiving a devastating diagnosis].  She is tortured by a giant figure in black whose sounds are haunting, guttural and from the dark depths of fear and loneliness.  But she is eventually  approached by support- handmaidens who help her by applying color.  As she embraces her “new normal” and accepts the support, she becomes full of life and color again.

Nikki Wallin and Neezar Bizarre


Azfir, creative director (note paint on his cheek. He got into it!)

Drag Queens of Vancouver (Coco, Carlotta Gurl, Joan-E, Summer Clearance, Milan Milano, Robyn Graves)

My outfit.
Photo by Victor Bearpark
Photo courtesy of Vancouver Art For Life
Photo courtesy of Vancouver Art For Life
Back seat of my car! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeze!

A big thank you as well to Robyn Green of Kai Event Management!

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