Exhibit of Roar’s extraordinary post-stroke “outsider art” as part of ART HEALS @RubbleGallery #arttherapy #neurology

My father had a massive stroke 5 years ago and art has essentially saved his life by rekindling his spirit.  Check out his project The Old Apple Tree !  His post-stroke drawings fascinate me.  Dad’s perception was altered after his stroke.  Here he struggles to illustrate a figure looking out a window.  He wanted it to be inside the room looking out.  I love how there are no walls:

This photo of Dad from his late teens truly illustrates the joy he is getting from doing his art:

My dad, Norway, 1940's
Dad, December 17, 2011


Featuring dual art show/fundraiser of therapeutic works by father and daughter: Roar and Katarina Thorsen

January 21- Feb 7, 2012 at the Rubble Gallery!

Opening event (with an interactive art corner) on January 21 7-9 PM! Cash bar, snacks, music, art.

The show will be a collection of our individual and mutual work:
1. Dual journals:
Created 2001-2003 (we would take turns week to week) as I experienced the breakdown of my marriage.  The journals will be on display  and you are welcome to read and interact with them.
Examples from my series on grief and divorce (china marker on masonite board). [will be on sale]
3. Portraits: 
Roar’s current series of therapeutic post-stroke drawings, created in his long term care facility (pencil and felt pen on small foam boards).  [will be on sale].
4. Molly: 
Preview of my illustrations for my graphic novel in progress (china marker on newsprint). [NFS]
preview of Roar’s post-stroke illustrations and quotes to his book of drawings and wisdoms (pencil crayon on paper).
[some originals for sale]
6. Raffle:
My painting “Morfar’s Klass” (28″ x 40″) (acrylic on canvas) will be raffled ($20 ticket, 3 for $40).
Funds to go towards self-publishing costs of Molly and The Old Apple Tree.  Each ticket is a coupon for a 5-minute portrait by me.  Raffle tickets will be available to pre-purchase on this site starting next week and tickets will be sold during opening event.  Raffle draw at  8:45 PM January 21.
7. Interactive Art Piece:
Large piece on foam board started by me and added to by participants and gallery visitors.  The piece can be added to by gallery visitors for the remainder of the exhibit and will be donated to the Rubble Gallery.
See examples of my interactive art at: http://bit.ly/ofOWDe

Rubble Gallery

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  • What an amazing image. Thank you so much for sharing this Kat. The title of his work and the imagery brings up so many feelings around how we define ‘home’.

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