Martin Place. Artist. Mentor.

My dear friend, Martin Place, is my mentor and always offers the most wonderful advice and guidance.  I met up with him today at his annual art sale!


Martin is passionate about the importance of maintaining a connection with the creative process.  He insists that if we take a break from creating for an extended period and then pick it up again, we don’t start where we left off but we lose momentum and must relearn in order to gain what was lost.  I agree fully and that is why I stay in touch with the creative process daily.

Martin has three main art mediums (and multiple others!):




Catch Day 2 of Martin’s annual Xmas sale tomorrow!



I worked with Martin’s daughter, Sara Place, at Keith Lynn Alternative Secondary School and I was lucky enough to accompany students, support staff and Sara to Martin’s art retreat on Savary Island three years in a row.  Glorious memories!

Sara and Martin


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