Chris Zahner Makes Art (and I’m obsessed).

Chris Zahner. "Bitsy" 8 x 10"Acrylic and gouache on Rives BFK
Chris Zahner. “Bitsy” 8 x 10″
Acrylic and gouache on Rives BFK

About me.

I live in Brooklyn, New York and work in the art conservation field. Artwork has been an incredibly important part of my life and being able to preserve pieces for future generations is a real privilege. You should also feel confident that my choices in the materials I use when creating my own artwork will always have the longevity of the works in mind. 

– Chris Zahner



My new obsession: Chris Zahner, Brooklyn based visual artist.

“I make drawings, paintings and collages specifically for people with good taste.”

Check out Chris on PINTEREST:

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on Flickr:

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on ETSY:





About the work.

My work focuses on the idea of the underdog or the unlikely hero. It’s a celebration of outsiders, nerds, the socially awkward and the beauty found in those people. Much of the work is soaked in nostalgia because it provides me with an opportunity to reinvent these people’s lives. I choose my subjects from old yearbooks and discarded family photos turning bookworms into stars and the weak into bad-asses. 

The works I have for sale are completely original pieces, so all photos and papers used in my collage works are authentic, meaning they can only be used once. Each piece is created, photographed, listed, packed and shipped by myself.

– Chris Zahner

I just purchased the following coloring book on ETSY!!!

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All artworks are Copyright © Chris Zahner and may not be copied, distributed, downloaded, modified, reused, reproduced or otherwise used without permission.


China Marker on Newsprint
China Marker on Newsprint

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