VanCaf Reflections Part 4 of 6: Jasmine Schuett, Queer Artist, Cartoonist, Space Club

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Fabulous afternoon at VanCaf Day 1- the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival last Saturday!

I have broken down some highlights from my visit into 6 blog posts:

1. Julian LawrenceDrippy the Newsboy, Conundrum PressBLOG LINK

2. Kat Verhoeven, Towerkind, Conundrum Press BLOG LINK

3. Emily Cowan, Boundary Comic BLOG LINK

4. Jasmine Schuett, Spaceclub Comic

5. Inspector Pancakes

6. Erica Moen, Boumeries and VanCaf takeaways/notes



It’s hard to find the right words to describe how much I adore Jasmine Schuett’s art and vision.  MUCHO, GRANDE, JÄTTE MYCKET, OTROLIGT, SO VIEL

Jasmine Schuett in front of her painting
Jasmine Schuett in front of her painting “Pack: Not All Wolves Run On Four Legs,” 2012

There is such humor, kindness, edge, humility, honesty, assuredness in Jasmine’s work.  She approaches her life as she does her art- with a cutting wit and alarming charm.

What I learn from Jasmine is how to stay INSPIRED by artists and life.  Inspired to keep at it, keep working, keep delivering.

I love following her various projects and was delighted to add to my collection of Jasmine-y things last Saturday!  Every project is a true delicious gem!




Check out Jasmine’s web comic, Space Club:

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SPACE CLUB is about ALICE, a human girl traveling through space with her new friends: some rando aliens she met while clubbing one night! Over time she comes to realize this wasn’t the best idea, for several reasons.

Space Club is also about exploring how relationships can change, queer identity and community, the unstoppable tragedy that is time, loneliness, coming to terms with your negative aspects, coming to terms with how you have hurt others in your life, and other fun and horrible things!

Space Club does not have violence or sex in it but it does have cuss words! Shh don’t tell your mom. 
– Jasmine



And her art blog:

Screen shot 2015-05-29 at 7.39.24 AM


A common piece of creative advice is to make the work you want to read. All I want to read is comics about girls going on dates. So here it is: 10 short comics about girls going on dates. Nice dates, bad dates, first dates, last dates.


Emily Cowan and Jasmine Schuett at their VanCaf 2015 table, C4:



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