VanCaf Reflections Part 5 of 6: Inspector Pancakes- lessons on marketing

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Fabulous afternoon at VanCaf Day 1- the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival on May 23, 2015!

I have broken down some highlights from my visit into 6 blog posts:

1. Julian LawrenceDrippy the Newsboy, Conundrum PressBLOG LINK

2. Kat Verhoeven, Towerkind, Conundrum Press BLOG LINK

3. Emily Cowan, Boundary Comic BLOG LINK

4. Jasmine Schuett, Spaceclub Comic BLOG LINK

5. Inspector Pancakes

6. Erica Moen, Boumeries and VanCaf takeaways/notes



I am often drawn to children’s books- the whimsy, the colors… but what truly drew me to the table of Inspector Pancakes was the clever and very simple marketing tools.  Big sign, simple layout, a few clear offerings, elevator pitch… I took note.

It was somewhat unusual to have a “children’s” book per se in a room full of independent comic book artists.  But the book is more than that.  It has a parallel adult story line in fine print (though I know my three year old nephew would demand to know what it says) and audio.  And it is about crime investigation and murder mystery.  And it’s edgy!  Hello!



“Written by Karla Pacheco and beautifully illustrated by Maren Marmulla, this 18 page atrocity follows the adventures of an adorable dog helping the President of France solve a series of horrific murders. At least it does if you’re an adult. If you’re reading this to a child you’ll be learning terribly inaccurate things about France while a dog in a hat looks for a croissant.” – SOURCE

Unfortunately, I didn’t pick up a copy of the book- my budget very limited and strategic (sort of)… but…

Being a crafter, I HAD to have the make your own stuffed Inspector Pancakes merch.  Duh.  Again, I took note.


A great lesson in simple marketing!

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