I have put my beloved pie safe on craigslist!


Pie Safe: a cupboard with doors originally designed to store pies after baking.

Instantly add additional storage space to your kitchen with this absolutely charming, authentically aged pie safe.

It is rustic and naturally aged, with all original paint and details and of course- some wear and tear. It has not been fixed up, so has all its original parts and detailing and has a lovely “patina.” The screen is deteriorated on the right bottom panel. It is heavy. I cannot confirm age or type of wood.

The entire piece including top panel measures:

17″ width by 38″ length by 62.5 ” height

Top board sticks out a bit wider than the cupboard. It measures:
17″ width by 38″ length by 1″ height

The cupboard portion measures:
15.5″ width by 36″ length by 61.5 ” height

The bottom shelf measures:
14″ width by 36″ length by 1″ height




West End, Vancouver, BC.


I inherited it from my landlord on the Sunshine Coast when I rented his mother’s home in Roberts Creek in 1996. His mother, Elsie, owned it. She obviously used it intensely- for pies, for eggs, for storage of various kinds. It would move from shed to house at regular intervals. When we moved in, we were warned that Elsie’s ghost still resided at the house and that she had rejected tenants repeatedly. Intriguing!

It was a wonderful house to stay in. I could sense her presence and it was joyous. Many pies were made in that kitchen. The house sat on the waterfront and had a large garden. Elsie’s son also told me she loved children and that her ghost had accepted our presence (my kids were 12 and 9 at the time) peacefully and happily. So he gifted me the beloved cupboard when we moved 2 years later.

I have used this cupboard ever since to store my treasures and trinkets, then it held my art supplies and lately my favorite books. This is my all time favorite piece; It is just so incredibly charming and I am heart-broken to have to part with it.

$850 OBO (you will have to arrange transport)

Craigslist link

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UPDATE: Ignore the sale. I found money for rent and I was able to keep Elsie’s pie safe! Hallelujah! 

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