Teachable moment during drawing session! 


I have been incorporating How to Draw an OWL in my creative engagement for years.

My must-bring tools always include:

The china marker is the essential drawing tool.  It is not only my favorite medium, but a great teaching tool as you can’t erase it.  This encourages participants to let go and quiet down the inner critic.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 1.35.35 PM

Yesterday, I co-facilitated a session with SFU Restorative Justice students with Miko Philip, as part of the YOUTH INCLUSION PROJECT (more on that later).

I love using the creative process as an empathy tool, to illustrate the type of emotions the students will experience in their work.  For example, the angst the students may feel as we start a drawing lesson is a reminder of the angst their clients may feel in victim-offender mediation.

OWL was a big part of the agenda last night.  As we were setting up, I looked in my supply bag and only saw a hell of a lot of felt pens– NO CHINA MARKERS!

But I am old enough now not to sweat it.  So Miko and I had a quick dialogue and we handed out materials.  I had no idea how we could draw this:


using kid felt pens…

TEACHABLE MOMENT: MAGIC always HAPPENS when you throw your agenda over your shoulder and pull things out of your ass.

The results?


Change your perception — see the root cause as a blessing in disguise. – Tiny Buddha

Huge thank you to Asad and all the students for a wonderful experience.  The room was infused with safe space, restorative practices and inclusion.  The closing circle, led by Asad, was one of the most moving circles I have ever participated in.

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