The birthday card, 1942.

A family treasure:  

Birthday card sent to my father in Sarpsborg, Norway, from my grandfather, Gunnar Thorsen, and fellow Norwegian soldiers (in German concentration camp) for my father’s 12th birthday Aug 8, 1942.



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  After graduation from school my Dad decided to join the army.  Thereafter he ended up in the Norwegian Air Force where he quickly climbed to lieutenant.  First he was stationed at Kjeller Airfield outside Oslo.

Not many knew that Gunnar was such a tough guy but there were many times he scared people by his authoritarian exterior.  But he was always good to his family.  He was my hero, even though sometimes he scared me too with his tough attitude.

– Roar Thorsen

Father, son, grandson Christmas 1958
Gunnar (dad’s dad), my mom with my brother, Ruth (dad’s mom), Stina (mom’s mom), Axel (mom’s dad)
Gunnar and his grandson 1958
Ruth and her grandson


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