Slowing down the creative process

Drawing a dead bird from “life.”

(It was actually caught by my indoor cat through a small opening in my apartment window on Sept 23, 2018, and unfortunately it was very dead, so I photographed it and buried it in Stanley Park)

A resurgence of studying art history and techniques has made me realize I need to slow down my process.

I tend to paint and draw quickly, much like a dance.

I want to take time, much like I do when I embroider.

If embroidery shows me I can slow down, I know I can slow down with drawing and painting.

As my eyes fade over time, details become more important.

As my body wears down, my time becomes more important.

As I struggle with human interactions, staying in the present becomes more important.

Emerging as a full-time artist when I enter my sixties next year becomes crucial.

Natural watercolours by Caitlin Ffrench



“The cyanide in Nandina berries is poisonous…”

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