Journal entry April 3, 2022

Drawings for the prologue finished! Dropping them off at TR Trades tomorrow.

Anxious trepidation. Anticipating: Who are you to tell their story?

A familiar dark ink inches towards my feet. Not trusting that I will be seen as legit. Then reminding myself- who cares!? It is liberating to not be participating in any upcoming festivals. Liberating to not have been sharing the creative process. Liberating to recede more and more from social media. I just don’t seem to fit anywhere. Have I ever? But this publication isn’t for gaining acceptance. It’s for me. For Mamma and Pappa. For Molly and Joseph. For celebrating



digging into archives, maps and records.

Who else would tell this story? Where else would I feel fully free to draw how and what I want within the confines of the facts?

So for now I celebrate that the prologue drawings are done.

The process to print begins. The newspaper. It’s for you, Pappa.



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