Construct, deconstruct, reconstruct.

See original post of creating this painting: Of the Forest

Deconstruction started Nov 4, 2022:

Mixed them all up, collected them and laid in order of how they stacked.

December 8, 2022:

The accidental connections between between the randomly selected canvas pieces is satisfying. My eye naturally finds harmony in the accidents.

I rediscovered the love of doing large paintings during Covid. The deconstruction and reconstruction feels like finding sense and meaning in the chaos that was lockdown and our current re-emergence.

This canvas is part of a larger explorative ongoing project entitled “Nature Nurture” conceived by filmmaker and multi-media artist Patti Henderson, “born of Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn. The first pandemic lockdown in British Columbia.” 

The project includes introspective photography and writing by Patti, reflective and observational poetry by Nadia Gale and visual art by me.

Check out an initial part of the project on pages 40-49 in the April 2021 “Nature” Edition of Withintensions


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