Fierce beauty: Cassandra and Shokra of @TFDPresents #portrait #streetart

Shokra (china marker, dry pastel, acrylic on newsprint)

Shokra’s portrait is on it way to Los Angeles

Cassandra (china marker, acrylic on newsprint)

Cassandra will be pasted in our streetart next blitz!

Shokra (china marker, acrylic on newsprint)

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Check out another delicious video for TFD Presents by Dreaming in the Rain:

5minute8Bpencileraser backofanindexcard portrait no.36: @peterbreeze

Over-red: to smear with red. As in Go prick thy face, and over-red thy fear, thou lily-liver’d boy. – Macbeth

Peter Breeze is club kid royalty in Vancouver’s gay nightlife, and has played virtually every nightclub in Vancouver. Peter cranked out a single, “Fuck Talk (Buy Me A Drink),” with local producer Maxwell Maxwell, which caught the ears of DJs from San Francisco to Montreal, has been remixed by artists from Berlin to Australia, and inspired a video which has been on more blogs than Google AdWords. Shortly after the release of FuckTalk Peter came out with Send In The Robots: a new, full-length album even more outrageous and danceable than their earlier work (available on iTunes). With appearances planned in clubs across North America, partygoers everywhere will soon be able to get a taste of the twenty-something wunderboy.

Let’s talk portraits this Saturday! Holt Renfrew #Vancouver 2-6 PM! See this piece live!

Anna T Fabulous and Syren (china marker, acrylic on foam board)

On Saturday March 26 I will be doing a live art event at Holt Renfrew Vancouver between 2 and 6 PM!  I will be displaying some of my original arts and crafts.  I will also be doing live portraits of Anna T Fabulous and Jocelyn Louise as well as body painting on Jocelyn!  See the piece above (of Anna and Syren) in person!

A HUGE THANK YOU to HOLT RENFREW, Kimberly Newton, Scott Mckeown, and REBECCA RAWLINSON for this opportunity!