5minute8Bpencileraser backofanindexcard portrait no.36: @peterbreeze

Over-red: to smear with red. As in Go prick thy face, and over-red thy fear, thou lily-liver’d boy. – Macbeth

Peter Breeze is club kid royalty in Vancouver’s gay nightlife, and has played virtually every nightclub in Vancouver. Peter cranked out a single, “Fuck Talk (Buy Me A Drink),” with local producer Maxwell Maxwell, which caught the ears of DJs from San Francisco to Montreal, has been remixed by artists from Berlin to Australia, and inspired a video which has been on more blogs than Google AdWords. Shortly after the release of FuckTalk Peter came out with Send In The Robots: a new, full-length album even more outrageous and danceable than their earlier work (available on iTunes). With appearances planned in clubs across North America, partygoers everywhere will soon be able to get a taste of the twenty-something wunderboy.

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