Global Sorority #documentary: 100 women’s differences, similarities, perspectives and connections

Photo by Tia Kelly

We are setting out to create a mini documentary series to get the inside scoop on 100 girls’ and women’s lives from around the world.

The documentary takes the same topics of body, mind and spirit and shows the world the truth of women’s trials and triumphs through the telling of life from their various perspectives.

The questions posed will be the same but the answers, based on their environments, cultures and families, will be very different. They will experience challenges and successes in different ways.

We want to show how women are all connected, and can support each other despite these differences.

 – Loretta Cella, Tia Kelly GLOBAL SORORITY


Update November 15, 2012

India 30 days and counting… ya! We have over 20 girls to work with in Bangalore and in Mumbai some exciting interviews … and for all! Still time to join the journey

– Loretta Cella

My portrait of Jocelyn Louise in support of the Passion Foundation and Global Sorority

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Part 1 f. photos by Joshua D. Langston

Part 2. Interactive Art

A night with Passion Foundation and Global Sorority part 2: the art of interaction!

I was delighted to be a part of INSPIRE last night- an evening benefitting the Passion Foundation and Global Sorority!

Fourth floor at the Vancouver Art Gallery- not a bad place to do some interactive art!

Here are some moments of interaction and connections:

Thank you Josh Langston and Darcy Glip for all your help!




See also:

Part 1 f. photos by Joshua D. Langston

A night with Passion Foundation and Global Sorority part 1. f. photos by @joshuadlangston

I was delighted to be a part of INSPIRE last night- an evening benefitting the Passion Foundation and Global Sorority!

Fourth floor at the Vancouver Art Gallery- not a bad place to do some interactive art!

Here are some moments captured by photographer/blogger/my muse Joshua D. Langston:

My beautiful muse, Joshua Langston

See also:

Part 2: the art of interaction

#INSPIRE @passionteams’ event is postponed until August 2012! Stay tuned!


The initial date of June 20 has been changed.  A new date for August 2012 will be confirmed shortly!  Stay tuned!  I will continue to prep the interactive art piece and share the process! 

Prepping an interactive art piece for:

I’m planning an 6 x 10 canvas, which participants at the event will finish!  Today, at Intersections Media, we did a photo shoot!  The girls, who will be subjects in my piece, did some candid shots, which I will use as starting points.  Fabulously inspirational!

Nancy, photo by Travis Hengg
Megan, photo by Dustin Whymark
Emily, photo by Travis Hengg
Maryellen, photo by Nancy Kirkpatric
Travis Hengg shooting Emily (channeling Tank Girl)

Megan, photo by Dustin Whymark
Maryellen, photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick
Nancy, photo by Travis Hengg
Emily, photo by Travis Hengg
Maryellen, photo by Nancy Kirkpatrick
Megan, prep sketch (chinamarker, acrylic) based on photo by Dustin Whymark

Gathering inspiration for interactive art piece for @passionteams’ #INSPIRE June 20!

Prepping an interactive art piece for:

I will be sharing the process of prepping the piece over the next week.  For now, I’m collecting and sketching.

Welcome summer with Inspire: An evening of bringing your body, mind, and heart together.

Bring your yoga mat, a new journal, favourite pen, and get ready to be inspired.

Hear the stories of four women who are aspiring  to make BIG changes in the world!

All proceeds for the event go to a new scholarship program for Passion Projects

Janice TomichOur extraordinary emcee for the evening 

Sarah Jamieson: Sarah is a freelance do-gooder of all things bucket list and philanthropically inclined: (a) Coach, (a) Compassion Warrior, (a) Superhero Humanitarian, (an) Ultarunner, and (an) Advocate for Play

Katie Jeanes: Founder and CEO of A Little More Good with a passion for social media and do good companies

Julia Spitale: Lover of life, communications professional and Co-Founder of theWheely Slow Cooking Tour

Rahael Yohannes: Passion Leader and singer

Robyn Gooding: Founder of Girls4Girls Charity

Loretta Cella: International Passion Mapper and Founder of Passion Foundation


Silent Auction,  Door Prizes, refreshments, and more… including


Chair massages by Amanda & Tallulah of Three Birds BodyCare and Massage


Silent Auction

A gorgeous silk robe from Manito Silk

Lightning Strike coaching session with the unbelievably awesome Sandi Amorim                 

For moms, a pre/post natal coaching package from the amazing Tia Kelly

A pair of Vancouver Symphony Orchestra vouchers for next season

YogaFORM coaching session

Time Rich Cash Optional: An Unconventional Guide to Happiness by Cliff Harvey

Package by Half Moon Yoga

Special thanks to:

Vancouver Art Gallery for making this possible on their the beautiful Rooftop Pavilion & 4East

Some highlights from #VancouverArtGallery (@VanArtGallery) visit

My colleague, Sara, and I took 13 students to the Vancouver Art Gallery for an all-day field trip on November 3, 2010.  It was an incredible time, all of us happily soaking up art (once we got the guided tour out of the way)!

Highlights for me:

Robert Adams: The Place We Live, A Retrospective Selection of Photographs

The exhibition includes more than 300 photographs representing each of Adams’ major projects…

The delicate small B&W photos from Sweden made me overwhelmed with sentimentality.

A 1968 trip to Sweden with his wife and lifelong helpmate, Kerstin, suggested to Adams the possibility of a socially and environmentally responsible approach to the built environment. (source)

Song Dong–Waste Not

I adored this exhibit.  The organization, the memories, the beauty of everyday objects, the maternal, the grieving…

The installation comprises the frame of his mother’s house along with all of the everyday objects she meticulously collected over the course of her lifetime: a collection of over ten thousand worn and broken objects, each one with unlimited potential value. Together, the assembled materials—clothes, books, kitchen utensils, toiletries, school supplies, shopping bags, rice bowls, dolls—were used, recycled, and saved. Meticulously arranged in careful groupings throughout the exhibition space, the objects form a miniature cityscape that viewers can navigate around and through.

TEACHER’S GUIDE: Everything Everyday

In Dialogue with Carr: Douglas Coupland, Evan Lee, Liz Magor, Marianne Nicolson

This exhibition strategically pairs the work of Emily Carr with key contemporary BC artists–Douglas Coupland, Evan Lee, Liz Magor and Marianne Nicolson-to draw out a dialogue between Carr’s legacy and the myriad ways in which artists respond to it.

TEACHER’S GUIDE: In Dialogue Carr Coupland

Kerry James Marshall

This was the highlight of the day for me.  Not just because Sara did such an amazing job of explaining the exhibit, but because of the way the students responded to the show and what the paintings made me feel.

Marshall’s paintings depict primarily African-American figures, using formally diverse art historical methods that speak to the visibility and invisibility of “blackness” in the history of western art. The exhibition presents approximately 20 paintings exemplary of Marshall’s practice.  For Marshall, social responsibility means creating artworks that both celebrate and unravel the black experience in America.

My response to the show in my "The Sketchbook Project" journal


13 students worked quietly and enthusiastically on their responses to KJM

TEACHER’s GUIDE: Kerry James Marshall Guide