Global Sorority #documentary: 100 women’s differences, similarities, perspectives and connections

Photo by Tia Kelly

We are setting out to create a mini documentary series to get the inside scoop on 100 girls’ and women’s lives from around the world.

The documentary takes the same topics of body, mind and spirit and shows the world the truth of women’s trials and triumphs through the telling of life from their various perspectives.

The questions posed will be the same but the answers, based on their environments, cultures and families, will be very different. They will experience challenges and successes in different ways.

We want to show how women are all connected, and can support each other despite these differences.

 – Loretta Cella, Tia Kelly GLOBAL SORORITY


Update November 15, 2012

India 30 days and counting… ya! We have over 20 girls to work with in Bangalore and in Mumbai some exciting interviews … and for all! Still time to join the journey

– Loretta Cella

My portrait of Jocelyn Louise in support of the Passion Foundation and Global Sorority

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