The Sketchbook Project


“A sketchbook is a place to put your heart and soul.”

“We know how precious a sketchbook is. You carry it with you everywhere, spending months working on it. It becomes a part of you. When you’re finished, share your hard work with the world. We’ll make sure you stay connected with your sketchbook as it tours the country and after we catalog it in The Brooklyn Art Library.”

My kraft paper color Moleskin Cahier sketchbook arrived in the postbox along with my T-Shirt and my personal Brooklyn Art Library card!  The sketchbook has its own barcode and my name on it.  I am eager to start on my theme  And then there was none…  My initial thought is to use this theme to process grief.   I’ll post the ongoing project here.  When the sketchbook is filled, I have to send it (postmarked by Jan 15, 2011) to the Brooklyn Art Library and on March 2011 all the sketchbooks go on tour to Brooklyn, NY Austin, TX San Francisco, CA Portland, MEAtlanta, GA Chicago, IL!

I chose to have my sketchbook digitized for the digital companion to accompany the Brooklyn Art Library! The website will contain high-resolution, professionally digitized versions of the sketchbooks for you to flip through.

Stay tuned!!!

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