The Gift of a Lifetime…. a Fundraiser for David Ius’s CCSVI Treatment

I had a marvelous time tonight reuniting with old friends to support the amazing cause: The Gift of a Lifetime…. a Fundraiser for David Ius’s CCSVI Treatment.  This night was created by David’s (and his ex-wife, my BFF, Cheryl’s) beautiful kids–  Jennifer, Meghan and Matthew.  It was a glorious evening full of incredible family and friends- all ages.  In support of David and his children I brought along my watercolor tattoo kit and painted to raise donations.  [I also painted in honor of my dancer friend, Claudia.  I danced with her in my thoughts as I drove home in the rain after the event.]

Here is a small sampling of my watercolor tattoos tonight (5 hours of painting!):

Here is the original description of the event by Meghan, Jennifer and Matthew:

You are invited to an evening of food, fun and games in support of David’s liberation of Multiple Sclerosis. This fundraiser will help provide David with the chance to live life MS free, thanks to the new CCSVI Liberation treatment being offered in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Tickets for this event are $20.00 and include dinner and a drink and can be purchased at the door. Join the celebration and take part in our Silent Auction, Carnival Games, Body Painting, Liquor Toonie Toss and much more! If you are unable to attend, a trust account at TD Canada Trust is accepting donations on Davids behalf and if you wish to make a donation please message Jennifer Kirby for the account number or if you wish to donate by check please write it out to Jennifer Kirby in trust.All proceeds from this evening will go towards Davids treatment.

David started showing symptoms of MS at the young age of 14.
He was later diagnosed and has been battling MS for the past 30+ years. As some of you may have already heard, a ground breaking discovery has been made in the world of MS, the CCSVI Liberation treatment. This treatment has brought new light to what Doctors thought MS was. Rather than it being a Neurological disease, new studies have shown that MS is in fact a narrowing of the main veins circulating blood to the heart. In layman’s terms, this is when the blood supply from the brain and spine has trouble returning to the heart. As this procedure is in its early stages and not well known in the medical community, the procedure is not offered in Canada. David will be receiving the procedure at the Amerimeds Hospital in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Your help and donations are what is going to make this treatment a reality for David and perhaps give him the opportunity to live symptom free. All your support is much appreciated.

Hope to see you there!
Jenny, Meghan and Matthew
(Davids kids)!

Here is the result as posted just now by Meghan and Jennifer:

I donated these sock monkeys tonight and was pleased that little L.I. won them. I think the word "dance" was very appropriate in retrospect.

So why can’t David do his treatment in Canada?  For more info read: LINK

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  1. Derekdadey says:

    I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis back in 1983. I can hardly walk now and it seems my condition worsens every day. When I first heard about the Liberation procedure and its results from a friend, I thought United States would be the first to conduct the trials. I could never imagine the corruption involved. I ended up applying for this simple procedure in Poland and waiting.. The other options were to get it done in India. After researching the internet extensively, I came across . They are screening for CCSVI in Fargo, ND and have very affordable packages for the Liberation procedure in India. I called (404)461-9560 and spoke to their nurse administrator Lisa whose priceless support made me realize that we are not alone in the fight against MS. They are screening within the US and Canada, their medical tour package includes flight arrangements and help with the visas, world class accommodation and meals within their hospitals, the liberation procedure, a stent if needed, medications necessary, a site-seeing tour, Pre-and post-procedure supervision, Full medical file including copies of charts, screens, CDs of Venograms, blood work, EKGs, etc. Post Procedure Screenings, follow-up and consultation with surgeons for the next 6 months and so many other provisions Lisa told me about, I can’t recall however you might be able to find out more on their site.. . They are providing all of this at just $13000 as compared to the other companies that charge something like $20000 just for the procedure. You may also contact Lisa by emailing her at or calling her on (404)461-9560. I am getting liberated mid-October and I am so very thankful to everyone at CCSVI Clinic for making this happen!

  2. Thank you for your in depth and thoughtful comment. I will forward it to the family. Best of luck to you. Please keep me posted.

    Best wishes and love


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