Recalling amazing visit to @SFMOMA October 11, 2010

My daughter, Anna, my sock monkey and I visited The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art this past Monday.  Despite the fact that certain levels were closed (thereby a cheaper entry fee)- the experience was on par with my visit to Moderna Museet in Stockholm in 2009 with my son, Julian.  (I treasure the one on one moments with my adult kids.)

I love when a visit to a gallery brings tears to my eyes.  I know its cliché to be breathless by masterpieces, but dammit, they made me breathless!

I was moved by the Klees, laughed at the Rauschenbergs, was breathless in front of Rothko, etc etc.  Naturally, the wedding portrait by Frida Kahlo was a highlight for me:

I was astounded to find Frida’s wedding cookies at the café on the top floor.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) is pleased to offer a new selection of art-inspired cakes and desserts at the museum’s Rooftop Coffee Bar. Baked and decorated by Blue Bottle Coffee Co. pastry chef Caitlin Williams Freeman, these cakes are a tasty way to enjoy the museum’s collection and special exhibitions and feed all of your senses... Frida Kahlo Mexican Wedding Cookies, walnut Mexican wedding cookies in a hand-printed box with a printed ribbon—a reference to the ribbon in Kahlo’s wedding portrait Frieda and Diego Rivera (1931)…SFMOMA.ORG

"In addition to her popular Mondrian Cake (vanilla and red velvet cake with chocolate ganache), Freeman has created a new suite of art cakes for SFMOMA's 75th anniversary year..."

I splurged on an 800 pound catalogue of the 75th anniversary exhibit and dragged it home on the plane.  Read more about SFMOMA’s collection online at:

For more on visiting SFMOMA- see I NEED A SOCIAL LIFE

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