The incredible Sue Coe. #artist #activist #power #image #inspiration

I first came across Sue Coe’s work in the 1988 Annual Edition of Gallerie Women’s Art.

“The work is in a series, a narrative, a novel or document in pictures.  It records injustice and cruelty, and attempts to perform the role of witness.  Art can be a weapon for social change, and at its most powerful is a reminder of our humanness.”

Ripped pages from a magazine publication that I keep tucked into the 1988 annual:

From Wikipedia: Sue Coe (born 1951 in Tamworth, Staffordshire) is an English artist and illustrator working primarily in drawing and printmaking, often in the form of illustrated books and comics. She grew up close to a slaughterhouse and developed a passion to stop cruelty to animals. Coe studied at the Royal College of Art inLondon, lived in New York City from 1972 to 2001. She currently lives in upstate New York. Her work is highly political, often directed against capitalism andcruelty to animals.


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    1. And they don’t lose their impact!

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