Pearl Hart, Wild West Woman. Portrait will be up for auction at my June 23 art event!

Years ago, I picked up the book The Old West- The Women, Time-Life, at a thrift store for 50¢.

What a gem.  I bought it during my Immigrant phase.  I kept coming back to the photos of Pearl Hart and did the following portrait– one of the paintings I actually haven’t given away, trashed, or let kids graffiti over.  So much of my stuff is dispersed in Canada, USA and Sweden, or painted over, or thrown out or burnt!  I am pretty ruthless and moody when it comes to my own art.

But this one will be up for auction at my June 23 art event.  It’s acrylic and charcoal on canvas and it’s approx 3′ x 5′ (canvas on frame).

Peral Hart was serving a five-year stretch in Arizona when these pictures… were taken of her…  In 1899 she held up the stage to Globe, netting $431 and a place in history as the last stagecoach bandit.

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