Broken vintage doll as blank canvas. #art #inspiration #Gastown #Vancouver

I found this doll at Salmagundi West in Gastown yesterday and I adore it.  I don’t know what it is about these curiosity shop treasures that totally inspire me.  I plan to use this one as a canvas upon which to paint medieval landscapes with baby Frida Kahlo  flying through.  Stay tuned!

The tattered feet are to die for!
The arms are in a plastic bag, detached from the body. Delish!

I also bought some tiny doll limbs. Darling and creepy!

In boys and girls alike, and in more of their elders, perhaps, than we suspect, the affection for dolls is chiefly an aspect of the social sense and an example of the pleasure we all take in projecting our own personalities... – Odell Shepard

This marvelous 2 level shop in Gastown reminds me of my favorite places in San Francisco and Portland. Spending time in the shop is a mini-vacation.

More dolls that inspire me: FORT LANGLEY

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