Advice from my Viking Patriarch, #Roar Thorsen

My dad, Roar Thorsen, (a true Viking) just dictated a list of advice for me!  Thought I’d share it with the world!

Advice from a Viking Patriarch

  • Do not do too much yourself.  You will burn out.
  • Always delegate
  • Give proper instruction about what you need yourself.
  • Always remember you are best.
  • Always raise your voice in meetings.  Being quiet shows that you are weak.
  • Always be open to suggestions.
  • Never take no for an answer.
  • Always remember your own background- from birth through all your work and experience of life up until today.
  • Always be a good listener to others, if it feels useful for yourself.
  • Always look forward for new positions.
  • Never look backwards, thinking that life was better before.
  • Never forget the expression “I don’t have time for this shit.”
  • You will always have Pappa for love, work, advice and encouragement etc.
  • Always have an updated list of merits and accomplishments, containing everything from education to present.
  • Include name and personal data: Address phone email.  Preferably a photo of yourself with a good background.
  • “My future plans are…”
  • 5 year plan- where do you see yourself 5 years from now, 1 year from now,  month from now…?
  • If you do not understand this, please go f*** yourself.
  • Never forget you are Daddy’s girl.
Dad in the 90's on a visit in Sweden.

Today we celebrate his 4th year living at Evergreen House (after his stroke Sept 21, 2005).  Art has saved his life as he works on his amazing book of illustrations and quotes.

Dad says today:

I was very skeptical in the beginning, since I had never experienced such a type of life.  I learned quickly that the only way to live here was to adjust myself and be part of the group.  One of the best things from my experience here is that all the nurses and staff are incredible and keep me from going insane!  I have a wonderful life with all my caretakers and I consider them my daughters (and sons).  In addition to all this, I have found a perfect place to do my art.  My previous work consisted mainly of oil paintings and black ink.  After I moved into Evergreen House, because of space issues, I concentrated on smaller work such as cartoons.   Based upon this work with cartoons,  I am illustrating a new book, which my daughter, Katarina, and I are currently working on.  Our hope is that it will result in a bestseller!  This book will consist of cartoon drawings and a collection of words and wisdoms from books, newspapers and everything else.   We were discussing what to call this book, and suddenly Katarina came up with the idea (as we collected so many sources) to call it the Old Apple Tree.  The apples symbolize different wisdoms and stories.  This work is encouraging to both of us!  It is a very creative experience and we are already planning on multiple volumes!  Stay tuned!

– Roar Thorsen (aka Pappa, aka Farsan, aka Morfar, aka Morf)

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