ART: my childhood friend and extraordinary artist: Caroline de Mooy

I am elated to introduce my childhood friend Caroline de Mooy, a most talented and inspiring artist.  I ADORE her work.  My life was altered significantly when our families met in the early 70’s in Houston BC.  Caroline’s mother, Johanna (“Jopie”) Verveer, is one of the most significant mentors in my life- through her teachings about arts and crafts and her wise approach to life.

Caroline’s career has been extraordinary and PURE as are the paintings she creates.  I encourage you to explore her work on her site

In my work I build relationships between all these elements: a push and pull of light, of space and structure, creating an interplay which secures the existence of what has been presented. (source)

This video is a beautiful introduction to her work:

Caroline is represented by

XEXE Gallery
624 Richmond St W
Toronto, ON, Canada.
(416) 646-2706

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