Snippets from my 1977 Diary, Part 9 September (age 15): Canada, @Mortified

My Diary, 1977  SÖDERTÄLJE– translated from Swedish, word for word, unabridged, sic, ad nauseum

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September 6

We have lived at the hotel for 1 1/2 weeks.  It has a room, kitchen, TV, and the world’s warmest pool.  I have a cold from the pool.  Our car is really big.  Station wagon.  It has all the buttons and features.  Power windows, seats, locks, back door and everything.  It is beige and is a Buick.  I like it but at times it’s a little trouble.  Milton is happy anyway.  Yes, that’s right.  Milton survived the journey well.  But, boy, it was tough.  There was a mix up at the airport and we had to wait for several hours.

We found our house the day after we arrived.  It is brand new and we can’t move in until Friday.  The furniture isn’t here yet and the house isn’t even finished.  But we made it this far.  We can make it a bit more.  The house has 4 bedrooms, a rec room, 2 fireplaces, 5 entrances, big living room, 3 bathrooms, big kitchen, large balcony, 2 levels, and a double carport.  It is a brown house with thick green carpets.

[We owned the house for 27 years. A lot of blood, sweat, tears and laughter in that wonderful old house]

I wrote a long letter to Peo.  I hope he answers.

I asked Catharina for Steven’s address.

I called Mrs. V.  She said a teacher from England is teaching at the dance school now.  She will test me next week to see what level I am.  Then I will start dancing downtown which will be great.  I talked to Kerry V. and she says that she is tall now.  She asked me if I wanted to go to the disco.  I said no thanks right away.  Yuck!  I wonder how the dancers are at the school.  I don’t think there is any special dance I have to know- though I have always studied the Ceccetti style and Mrs. V. uses the RAD syllabus.  Mrs. V. went to England today.  I am supposed to call Kerry on Thursday to see what time I should be there.  It will be exciting.

I saw Dana today.  She is boy crazy.  Her girlfriend, Pat W., was along.  They only care about what they are wearing.  And boys.  They didn’t talk to me.  Just “do you remember this?” and “do you remember that?”  Blah.  But I have Kathy.  Lucky.  I have been in touch with her and we are friends.  She will go with me to school tomorrow.  She will help me if there is trouble.  I have bought school supplies.  I forgot to get runners.  But I don’t think there will be PE on the first day.  My stomach is churning.  But it will be OK.  Good luck, me!

Fredrik has started to play soccer.  He is really good.  I would love to play but where would I find the time?  I can play with Fredrik.

I went to see Star Wars.  It is the world’s greatest film.  It’s impossible to explain.  I am in love with it.  I want to see it again and again and again.

Now I have to take a bath.  Tomorrow school.  I am a little nervous.  But who cares!?

Maud hasn’t answered my letter yet.  Maybe it hasn’t even arrived yet.

… I just got interrupted by the world’s largest spider that came crawling by…  anyway, good night.  I will write tomorrow.

September 9

Yes, as I wrote, we went to see Star Wars.  It is so well done.  I am going to buy the record, poster and book.  I almost think it is better than Bugsy Malone.  It is so good, it’s inexplicable.  There are butterflies in my tummy when I think about it.  I went a little crazy for Luke Skywalker.  He was so nice.  We also saw “The Spy Who Loved Me.”  Also really well done.  The best James Bond film yet.  But he always has a girl with him.  It gets a little much.

Mom has sprained her ankle something awful.  Her foot is all black and blue but is getting better.  I feel sorry for Mom.  She has to take care of all of us, the house, and now she has sprained her ankle on top of it all.

Milton has fallen in love with Kathy’s dog, Sarge.  She is so nice, and likes to lick you in the face and all that.  Milton played with her full out.  He got a little carried away.  Kathy and I are best friends but in a way I wish we could talk more deeply like we did in letters.  Maybe we are both too shy.  I hope it is just like this in the beginning.  I think Milton got fleas from Sarge.  Today he was covered in them.  We bought shampoo and shampooed him thoroughly and then used a flea comb.  Also bought the best fleas collar we could get.

I called Kerry to arrange a test class and she had forgotten to book a time.  She tells me she goes to North Vancouver High School because all the boys there.  How silly.  Disgusting.  She told me Sonja goes to Balmoral too.  I will have to try to find her.  Wonder what she looks like.  I don’t know what grade she is in.  I have met the new Swedish girl Pia, and she is so cute.  She has the world’s longest hair.  I would like to talk to her, but I don’t dare.  Now I have to say good night.  Tomorrow I will write all about school.  Not too bad.  Good night.

Maud writes:

Dear Katarina,

Oh, how I have longed for a letter from you.  It arrived yesterday.  I am glad you liked the presents.  I miss you very, very much.  We all do here at home.  I am glad that the trip went well.  Too bad it was so long though… Now as I write this, I wonder if you think I am exaggerating but you are the world’s best, cutest, nicest, most talented, most best FRIEND!  I hope everyone in your family is doing well. 

The “dancing girls” will continue even if it feels empty without you. 

I have bought Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons.  It’s quite good.  But I haven’t found the cassette that you had.  You ask if I am coming next year?  What a question!  Of course I am coming.  I think I will start packing soon because I can hardly wait. 

I miss you terribly.  Write soon, please.  

I got really nice presents for my birthday.  I got pink/white jewelry box, with pink satin and white pearls.  Really nice.  Money, cards, wishes, etc. and a porcelain ballerina (I think you’ve seen them.  I am going to start collecting them).  A white satin box, comb, brush, mirror, my month stone (Jade), sweater, pink socks, your ballerina etc.  Uh… I have actually… eh… gone and fallen… oh, eh, hmm… Yes, anyway… in love.  Unfortunately, so to speak.  Who?  Well, a boy in my school but how that will turn out, you’ll have to find out in the next letter.  I think.  Who cares?  I do!  Maud.  Sorry I had to fall in love.  Sorry.




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