Evolution of a Frida Kahlo/Otto Dix study with community input!

I love to watch how pieces that I share with you, to add to, evolve.  Here is a journey of one piece (Frida Kahlo/Otto Dix study) I started awhile back and first allowed people to add to during my March 10th event, the April 3 outdoor art market, then my June 23 event and today I worked on it with Tracey Bell!  I’m adding a few things and then may let some students add to it for the finishing touches!

Dustin Jones at March 10th art event


Recommended medium: 

LYRA FARB-RIESE- COLOR GIANT Made in Germany from Opus




Barbie by Jocelyne Grivaud



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  1. katie says:

    ijust want to tell you, i love your blog! so inspirational!

    1. Thank you so much! That means alot to me!!!

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