Jason Matlo. Pure inspiration.



6B pencil on index card, 5" x 8"


Jason Matlo is a Vancouver fashion designer who aspires to bring his art form to an international audience. His goal is to set a benchmark for Canadian made ready-to-wear women’s fashion, and to bring international acclaim and recognition to his brand as the most luxurious and sophisticated women’s line that is designed and manufactured in Canada. Each collection is an expression and extension of his artistic vision; each garment is painstakingly crafted and finished to the highest standards. His collections draw on a multitude of diverse stylistic and cultural influences; many of the principles and aesthetics reference the golden fashion decade of the 1930’s. You will see a strong expression of femininity within each collection, and a design that appeals to confident women who celebrate fashion through a desire for innovative design, luxurious fabrics and textures and meticulous attention to detail. Jason’s skill and talent as a designer allow him to adopt an uncompromising approach to quality and detail that places him in rare company. [source]

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