Check out this wonderful new blog- Ecobravo!

Absolutely delighted about the launch of my sister-in-law, Cher’s new blog: ECOBRAVO!


Cher is one of the most beautiful and elegant people I know, with a glorious sense of aesthetics and ethics. Her blog reflects that perfectly.

Ecobravo highlights eco-friendly and socially responsible products, services, people and design. I want to share my passion for all things gorgeous and friendly to the precious world we live in and the people we love.

We are consumers… not much can change that. Most of us couldn’t imagine how to go back to pioneer life, but… we can consume less and we can consume better. We can make better choices. We can be more informed about the products we buy. We can support the people who are doing their best to help the world and it’s citizens.

To NOMINATE a fabulous eco business or person, or if you have an inquiry, please contact Cher at:

I love watching Cher’s interaction with her son, Henrik (my nephew)— it’s perfection.




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