#Tattooing journey- step 3: Testing a skin marker!

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I am not interested in doing old school tattooing and classical tattooing.  I will leave that to the extraordinary tattoo artists out there!  It takes years of dedication and apprenticeship.

I am really into tattooing my own style though and preferably free hand.

So if you’re in the line to get a tattoo from me, please expect it to be in “my style!”

I ordered delicious SKIN MARKERS the other day from:

The Mini XL skin marking ink lasts 10 times longer than traditional skin markers even after pre-operative scrubbing with common alcohol-based antiseptics such as ChloraPrep® or DuraPrep™.  The Mini XL, successful in millions of clinical trials, features patent-pending ink that remains visible after prepping patients, allowing clinicians to better see the surgical site as recommended by the Joint Commission Protocol for Correct Site Marking. Additionally, it will virtually eliminate the need for remarking of the patient once they’re in the operating room for plastic surgery procedures. [source]

They are so fun and I tested them out last night to see how they work on skin.  It’s a great way to do a free hand tattoo right on the skin.  The markings bleed but- me being me- I kind of love it.  I also like that the marks are really resistant, so you can relax knowing you won’t wipe away your guidelines.
Scrubbed with soap and water after 30 minutes and I'm impressed that it lasts as well as it does!
15 hours later after shower and a day at work.

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