Introducing Tina McFarlane, @GSNETart- artist, self-professed geek, beautiful soul.

Photos are courtesy of Tina McFarlane

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tina McFarlane for a few months now.  We are best friends on Twitter and now, finally, colleagues in real life.

Tina is such a talented artist, specializing in realistic drawing.

Well, where do I start? My name is Tina. Some of my friends call me Tee. I’m 26, a self employed artist & web-designer.  I have been designing sites since I was 13.  Drawing since, well, I could hold a pencil... I do fanart. Which means, basically, art of subjects I’m a fan of.  So around my site, you may see everything from Harry Potter, to Star Trek, to Supernatural, to Vampire Chronicles.  Aside from drawing, I do alot of reading, webdesign, and the occasional graphic work.

Tina extended her permission to repost this image here.
Tina extended her permission to repost this image here.
Tina extended her permission to repost this image here.

Tina’s enthusiasm for life and her passions just exude from her when she walks into a room.  I adore this young woman!

"This is my little fairy. No I didn't draw her (I get asked that alot.) She represents my love of all things Fantasy: Fairys, Magic, Goblins, Dragons, ect. When I originally went to Brandy with this idea, I let her design it on her own, telling her the one thing I wanted was for the fairy not to be like tinkerbell. Something with a bit of attitude, and some how incorporate orange tulips, because I'm part dutch. I LOVE the result!" - Tina

I encourage you to check out more of her art on her fabulous website:

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This is a career to watch!

Tina's beloved cat, Merlin.

Tina during yesterday’s art session at Intersections Media:

Check out Tina’s first editing exercise at Intersections Media:

"The assignment was to EDUCATE about anything, due by the end of the day." - Tina


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