Dad’s latest drawing: ART IS A SPECTATOR SPORT!

Dad keeps a piece of paper beside him to test his felt pens.  Instead of throwing out the paper, he was inspired to create a piece called “Roar Thorsen Art Studio.”

He also uses his sticker technique to correct, what he calls- mistakes.

Dad’s words:

When you make a drawing, you check colors and pens on a separate paper.  This test paper became the inspiration for this drawing and is a symbol for the explosive, creative process.

I started with the studio sign and made it look like a sign made up of multiple boards.  Big bolts hold it in place.  From there, I had to make steps for persons who like to climb up to see the art studio.  

The studio is simple and surrounded by spectators, with one climbing up the highest, standing on boards.  Another person stands on boards as well, underneath the first guy.  It turns out that this became a popular place with lots of spectators.  So much so that buses started coming in as well.  

All spectators have an international mix, as you can see from the flags hanging on the pole.  As you can also see, the bus is loaded full, which means that there is no more room for more spectators.  So after that, they had to shut the place down!   They were too impressed!  No room!  Chaos!  

On the drawing is shown a mixture of colors, which consists of all the colors being used- typical marks by an artist as he is testing his pens and colors before he starts working on his art piece.  

When I make my humoristic sketches- in many cases mistakes are made.  Instead of starting all over with a new drawing, I just simply use white stick-ons to cover the mistake and continue on.  This so called “repair” does not disturb the drawing.  It’s just a simple way to correct mistakes!

– Roar Thorsen

Dad’s sticker technique has truly become his signature style!

He is busy at work already with his next 5 drawings- with lots of new ideas brewing!  It’s the BEST MEDICINE!

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