My nephew’s first painting!

It’s my baby brother’s birthday today!

Katarina, Fredrik, Anders, 1967

Fredrik is now a Dad to beautiful Henrik:

Here’s Henrik with his mom, aka Fredrik’s partner and my incredible sister-in-law, Cher:

I wanted to help Henrik make the ultimate present for his Dad.  What could be better than his first painting!  I was in heaven watching Henrik work on the canvas!  The photos are shaky because I needed to ensure Henrik didn’t pour the paint all over himself!

I started it off with two red lines so that Henrik could get the concept of applying paint to canvas.


I glued the brush Henrik used onto the frame!  DELIGHTFUL.

The frame was handmade by my friend, Darcy!

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  1. Fredrik Thorsen says:

    Truly the greatest present a new father could ever ask for! Thank you big sis / aunt for such a thoughtful gift, and for providing such an amazing new experience for Henrik!!!

  2. Brandi says:

    Love, love, love it. You can never start artists too early!

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