Visual therapy in Gastown: Salmagundi West- a collection of interesting things.

Recall I bought a glorious old doll at Salmagundi West in February 2011: Broken vintage doll as blank canvas.

I painted Frida Kahlo on it (big surprise): Broken vintage doll as blank canvas part 2!

Salmagundi West is one of my favorite shops in Vancouver.  It reminds me of Mystery Mister and Loved to Death in San Francisco and I am REJUVENATED every time I visit it, which happened today when my student, Amanda-Lynn, and I dropped in.

Amanda-Lynn posing in front of my portrait of her (pasted yesterday) on our way to Gastown.

Huge thank you to Anne Banner for her hospitality and enthusiasm for all things curious!

My glorious purchases today:

Check out Salmagundi West on Facebook:

Photo courtesy of Salmagundi West
Photo courtesy of Salmagundi West

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