Grandpa’s card from the concentration camp. #remember

I repost this annually.  I feel blessed that our family has this treasure.  

Birthday card to my dad from my grandpa, Gunnar Thorsen, and fellow Norwegian soldiers (in German concentration camp) Aug 8, 1942.



  After graduation from school my Dad decided to join the army.  Thereafter he ended up in the Norwegian Air Force where he quickly climbed to lieutenant.  First he was stationed at Kjeller Airfield outside Oslo.

Not many knew that Gunnar was such a tough guy but there were many times he scared people by his authoritarian exterior.  But he was always good to his family.  He was my hero, even though sometimes he scared me too with his tough attitude.

– Roar Thorsen


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  1. Laura Mack says:

    Wow. What a treasure. I appreciate the stories I heard from my family that have me being so thankful today (and every day) to be able to live in such a peaceful place (w/ an awareness of the violence that still exists in our communities, at least we are not at war). My beloved Opa was held as a prisoner of war in WW1 and barely survived being on starvation rations. Yet he lived to be almost 107 years old! Such a survivor. But there was no way he was going to fight in WW2 – he and my Nana came to Canada to earn some $$, planning to return w/ their nestegg. They never went back.

    And my dad’s side of the family never fully got over being pushed from their beloved home in Latvia during WW2. My grandma went back when Latvia regained it’s independence (she was 98 years old and traveled there on her own) and reclaimed her farmlands, gifting them to relatives still in the country. Such a strong, resilient woman! I’m blessed to come from such fiesty stock! …and to be Canadian.

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  3. Mark Desjardins says:

    Thank you for shorting this Kat.

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