Half a face. My 30 year relationship with the #BreakingBad teddy bear.


Breaking Bad has reached its conclusion.  Glorious TV.  Characters that stay with you.  I will miss the weekly anticipation.   The Breaking Bad fans have become a family.  Indeed, I spent the evening watching it with the usual gang who have gotten together for season openers and finales.  My dear friend Mia treated us to her incredible cake:

Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 8.22.34 AM

It may seem odd, but I identified most with the pink teddy bear; the image of its half-burnt face both haunted and comforted me.   Such an iconic image now.


30 years ago I underwent radiation treatment for an aggressive left parotid gland tumor.  30 years ago this month.  Ah-mazing.  Ever since, I am left with radiation after-effects like fragile teeth, confused nerve signals, ugly moles, shoulder damage, chronic sore neck and a distinctively slightly sunken left cheek by the ear.

They are just nagging effects but they remind me to be grateful.   I don’t worry about it.  I cherish all the after effects because I’m still here and I am able to smile.

It seems I have known that teddy bear since 1983.  Stay tuned as I recreate the teddy bear using socks.  Here is the plan:


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