I have coveted her for years. My doll from Salmagundi West

I have coveted her for years.  That first time I stepped into Salmagundi West with the my mom and saw her tucked in the cupboard (to your left as you walk in the door, on the north wall):

Every time I have passed the shop or entered the shop and now more often spend time in the shop, I have thought of her.  Taken a peek at her.


And now I have her.  She is my Molly dolly.






from Annie Besant:

Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 12.43.48 PM

Huge thank you to Anne Banner, owner, for her hospitality and enthusiasm for all things curious!  Love you!

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Photo courtesy of Salmagundi West
Photo courtesy of Salmagundi West

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  1. Anne Banner says:

    How long ago was it that you first saw your Molly dolly? I am so pleased she is with you now.

    1. Gosh- my mom passed away 2008. I know we were in at least a few years before and bought Easter things and her fave candle holder (which I have now). And I am sure I saw it then.

    2. I had been in the store many times in the years prior to that but I noticed Molly dolly with my mom.

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