The lowly paper-wrapped grease pencil. #chinamarker

The paper-wrapped grease pencil is a smooth-writing, economical marker for marking almost any surface. [source]

I adore using China Marker.


It has the give and control I like in charcoal but without the mess.  The graphic quality of the mark making is appealing.  You can’t erase it- so you have to go with flow.   Much like life.

At present I am enjoying limiting the palette to black on newsprint, with one extra color highlight like red or orange.


The grease pencil, a wax writing tool also known as a wax pencil, china marker or, especially in the United Kingdom, a chinagraph pencil, or nerd pen in Germany, is a writing implement made of hardened colored wax and is useful for marking on hard, glossy non-porous surfaces such as porcelain, glass, polished stone, plastic,ceramics and other glazed, lacquered or polished surfaces, as well as the glossy paper that is used forphotographic printing (particularly for contact sheets), x-rays, and for marking edits on analog audio tape and film. It is also used to label theatrical lighting gels. It is often used as a construction or handyman’s marking tool as it rarely scratches the surface it is used on. It may be used to mark a wet surface. They are also favored among some traditional artists. Due to its ability to write on glass, it is often used in chemistry labs to mark glassware. [source]


Grease pencils can be found in many different colors. They are used by Russell Crowe alias John Nash in the movie A Beautiful Mind when he writes some equations on a window. [source]

China markers available online at Utrecht Art Supplies.

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