The power of art to heal and to build connections: Drawn Together

Drawn Together- Maintaining Connections and Navigating Life’s Challenges With Art

Roar’s art provided him with a much needed connection to the world.

IMG_9525I miss my father so much.  Last night I spent some quiet time watching Swedish films and allowing the feeling of intense loneliness flow through me as I embraced the fact that I will no longer sit with Dad at the cafeteria at Lions Gate Hospital working on our art, watching Swedish films on YouTube, drinking coffee and JUST BEING.

I am SO THANKFUL for having taken the step to fast forward the creation of our book last year.  The book is just a small little phenomenon but it was huge for us.  And it’s huge for me.  My father did not see the finished book before he passed away, but he knew it was at the publisher.  And the book allows me to visit with him as often as I need by reading it.


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I have received some absolutely wonderful feedback from readers.  I sense the message regarding the power of art to heal and build connections is made clear in the book.

Foreword by Cheryl Bain
Foreword by Cheryl Bain
How to use the book
How to use the book


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You order the book directly through my blog:


and through bookstores as well as online catalogues.

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