Package of letters to Sweden by Mom and Dad since 1968, now in my hands

This morning I woke to my very old cat bravely climbing wobbly into my bed and cuddling.  I turned off the alarm clock to savour the moment and decided to change the way I approach the day.  I was going to dive right in to work.  But I decided instead to take it slow.  To allow my heart to beat gently and slower.  To allow myself to rest a bit and enjoy the quiet purr of my cat.  And to take time.  Let the morning unfold.  By letting it go, it all gets done.

A coffee, a bagel with PB and Jam…

A knock at the door.  I thought it was the pipers (who are refitting the whole building).  Instead it was the postman.  With a package from Sweden- from my mom and dad’s best friends, Eivor and Rolf.

A collection of letters.  Written by mom and dad to Eivor and Rolf since 1968 when we emigrated to Canada.  I am stunned.  Tears.  I am happy I opened up my time this AM to allow my heart to be fully present to this moment.

These are sacred documents and I will savour going through them.  And the package included the most beautiful letter to me from Rolf.  It could not have come at a more opportune time, as I take stock of what is important.







Eivor, Rolf, Mom (Karin)



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