Space Club- a new comic by Jasmine Schuett

The other day, I let you know about Boundary, the new delicious comic by Emily Cowan.  Emily’s living quarters can hardly contain the creative genius it houses within.  Jeeeeezus.  It is BURSTING at the seams, for indeed, Emily’s roommate, Jasmine Schuett, has also released a GLORIOUS new comic: Space Club.  CHECK IT OUT!

I am so honored to know these two incredible artists and to witness them pursuing their passion!  I am SO INSPIRED and it kicks me right in the ass to keep going with my own dreams.

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SPACE CLUB is about ALICE, a human girl traveling through space with her new friends: some rando aliens she met while clubbing one night! Over time she comes to realize this wasn’t the best idea, for several reasons.

Space Club is also about exploring how relationships can change, queer identity and community, the unstoppable tragedy that is time, loneliness, coming to terms with your negative aspects, coming to terms with how you have hurt others in your life, and other fun and horrible things!

Space Club does not have violence or sex in it but it does have cuss words! Shh don’t tell your mom. 
– Jasmine




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Space Club updates on Mondays!

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