Can a dog live forever? In this case, yes.


They always love you.

– Alexander McQueen on the joy of having dogs

After my mother passed away November 8, 2008, I inherited my parents’ dog and parrot.  My father was already in residential care.  I LOVE having the pets.  The parrot, ASTERIX, speaks Swedish and belly laughs like my mom.  There is great comfort in still hearing her voice.


My father lived for Tobey.  I never visited Dad without bringing the dog along.  Tobey would be under the table in the cafeteria,


waiting on Dad’s bed if we headed next door to the hospital for an X-ray,


walking alongside the wheelchair when we’d go to the podiatrist, shopping, to the coffee shop or Fat Burger.

My Dad would always ask me, “How can we keep Tobey alive forever?  Is there a pill he can take?”  He LOVED Tobey.  He worried endlessly about losing him.


Dad passed away October 25, 2012, knowing Tobey was still alive and well.  Indeed, alive and well forever in Dad’s eyes.  THAT IS TRULY WONDERFUL!


Tobey Thorsen b. January 14, 2000

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