UPDATE ON: Burning it down…

UPDATE: May 8, 2018 8PM:

I received an extension and all is good in blog land!  Thank you WORDPRESS


Tonight at midnight, this blog’s business plan will expire.  Not able to renew it, I am letting it go and allowing it to do what it will.  Information will likely be lost, but that is OK.

… It is actually quite liberating- much like my street art, much like burning my art in 2003.

 My creative process is about letting go.


From The Power Path May 2018 Forecast:

The month may feel more unstable than it really is. Just remember that it is all driving us to where we need to be. So, take it all in stride and do not resist the energy of change whether it is your inspired idea or someone else initiating a change that affects you.

The biggest area of value reflection is related to things of the earth plane and the physical possessions you have collected over this lifetime. How do you value them? Do you put too much value on something that is not truly important? Do you not value something in your life enough? What have you created in your life that you really would rather not have at this time? Are you cluttered and burdened by too many “things” in your life that you now need to take care of and keep track of?



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