TECKNA MÅLA. My father’s art supplies.

My father on the porch of his childhood home in Sarpsborg, Norway, 1957.

My father, Roar Thorsen (1930-2012), was my first art teacher. I grew up with his paintings on our walls, his meticulous scrapbooks/photo albums, his continuous creative process. In 1976 (we were back living in Sweden), my father taught me oil painting and he gave me his paint box, and easel from the 50’s and 60’s, and favourite art book (1964). I LOVED the smell of linseed oil, the smell of oil paints and turpentine, the strength of the palette knife, the stickiness of spills in the metal tray, the book- that glorious book. 45 years later and I still use the easel daily in my work as I facilitate creative engagement online and I tenderly care for the painter’s box (it resides in my little art studio). And now it is time to re-read the book.

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