My grandfather’s school photo- it haunts and taunts me…

I am obsessed with this photo of my grandfather’s school class (Hudiksvall, Sweden).  He is in the top row, far left.

I have drawn and painted it over and over for years.  But something never allows me to finish.  I get to a certain point with some of the students and then the rest refuse a portrait.

Some past attempts:

Acrylic on canvas

What are the students trying to tell me?

Acrylic on canvas. Detail from large unfinished piece

September 2022:

I started a sketch a few weeks ago using my go-to medium: china marker on newsprint.

I have discovered a few more students and details I never noticed before:

It’s just a sketch. A journal entry, really. But I’m curious.

Let’s see if the students will allow me to complete it tonight…

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  1. Hannah says:

    oh, I was looking at this when I was last visiting! I love the painting…

    so strange how striking old school photos can be…this one, especially. lost souls, almost.

  2. Patti Henderson says:

    I love your work and family

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